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ElitSolutions is dedicated to its traders through the provision of easy trading services on a robust trading platform. We bring our traders the best from the online trading world in terms of a high-tend trading platform, access to a variety of financial markets, flexible trading conditions, and huge earning potentials. 

We give you everything you need so you can see your trading career prosper from a beginning status to a professional one. If you are already a professional trader, we are sure you will find ample opportunities on our trading platform to diversify your portfolio, multiply your profits, and discover new markets that other online platforms haven’t given you access to yet. 

Why We Are Here

We are here because we believe from experience that the online trading industry still needs a lot of improvement. Just because there are hundreds of online trading platforms and millions of traders does not mean the online trading industry has boomed. In reality, there is still a lot that needs to improve in terms of profitability of traders, the conveniences offered to the traders, the technological advancements that automate trading, and much more. 

ElitSolutions has always believed that nothing really becomes fully mature until the beneficiaries of the system are happy. That’s why we have created a trading platform that allows you to trade your favorite assets in a variety of financial markets within the trading conditions that you can admire. 

If you have been stuck with online brokers that haven’t offered you any special value to further your trading career, you can join us today to make a difference. ElitSolutions makes sure you get all the trading tools, signals, indicators, platforms, etc. that can help you reach the trading potential that hides within yourself. 

In a nutshell, we are not here for ourselves. We are here for you, so you can have the trading career you have always desired and attain the financial dreams that have always kept you doing something new every now and then. 

Our Mission

To keep improving as an online trading platform to offer all the modern elements of online trading to our traders while keeping everything extremely simple and understandable. 

Our Vision

We envision ourselves as the top market leaders in the world of online trading. ElitSolutions aims to be the online trading platform that gets recognized for its high-end trading platform, boutique trading features, and flexible trading conditions that open doors for traders from around the world to trade and achieve their financial dreams. 

Why Pick ElitSolutions

We like to have a relationship with our traders so they can always help us keep making things better. At the same time, at ElitSolutions, we believe these are the main reasons hundreds and thousands of traders from around the globe choose us for their trading needs. 

  • High-end and Feature-rich Trading Platform

Your trading experience relies heavily on the type of trading platform you choose. We understand that the platform you choose could make or break your trading experience and hence we have brought you the best one. It works on just about any device, from your desktop computer to the tiniest smartphone in your pocket. It can be customized according to your needs and all the important trading tools are integrated right on it. 

  • Security and Safety

Your security has never been an “option” for us. It has always been a compulsory part of our services because we understand the dynamics and the ups and downs of the online world. To keep your identity, personal and banking information safe, we have incorporated proper security measures that include encryption of information, segregated trading funds, and adherence to KYC and AML policies. 

  • Perfect Trading Conditions 

We give you trading conditions that are perfect in launching you successfully in your trading career. Whether you want big leverages on your trades or tight spreads, you have it all with our trading system. In addition to that, we keep our margin requirements low so you can trade with a sense of freedom. Grow just like other hundreds and thousands of traders who have become professionals at trading after joining our trading platform. 

  • Explore the Best Financial Markets

When it comes to portfolio diversification and exploring new financial markets, you will not find an option better than us. You can trade forex currency pairs with us in addition to the best stocks from the best companies of the world. You can also trade indices if you are interested in trading many stocks at the same time. ElitSolutions provides you with a long list of commodities, which includes energies, precious metals, and other fresh produce items. Lastly, we have also given you the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies on our trading platform, something that all modern traders want. 

Sign up with us today and explore your trading potentials on the best trading platform and within the most favorable trading conditions.

  • What is CFD trading?

It is a form of trading in which you are going to trade contracts for difference rather than trading the actual asset. You will predict the direction of price at a certain point in time in the future and if that happens, you will profit from that trade. This method of trading allows you to earn profits even when the price of the asset is going down.

  • Who can trade CFDs?

Anyone who likes to trade can trade CFDs. The best thing is that this vehicle of trading allows you access to many different financial markets at the same time. When you choose to trade stocks, you can only trade stocks. When you choose to trade forex currency pairs, you only trade forex currency pairs. However, when you choose to trade CFDs, you can trade stocks, commodities, indices, and much more.  

  • Can I trade CFDs if my country does not allow it?

Unfortunately, if the country you live in does not allow you to trade CFDs, it is highly recommended that you don’t take this risk. It is also important that the countries in which CFD trading is now allowed, our website is already disabled. However, if you are using any other means to access the website, we can’t control that. Eventually, we will not be held responsible if you are caught trading CFDs when your country does not allow that.  

  • Is ElitSolutions a trading bot?

Not at all! We are a company consisting of many professionals who used to trade in the past. We have created this online trading system for you so you can trade many assets from many financial markets. Yes, there are certain aspects of trading that you can automate on our trading platform, but that’s about it. We are not a full fledged online trading bot. 

  • Can I switch between devices when I want?

That’s the beauty of the trading platform that ElitSolutions will provide you with all your trading needs. This trading platform can be used on many devices. In fact, you can use it on multiple devices at the same time. The uniformity of trading that comes with our trading platform allows you to trade assets no matter which device you are on and at what time. 

  • How do I deposit funds in my account?

Depositing funds in your account is easy. Firstly, you have to pick from one of the six accounts that we provide. After signing up, you will have to use the “deposit” button to launch the options that you can use for depositing funds. After that, you will have to insert some banking information and then choose the amount that you want to deposit. It’s as easy as that. You can use wire transfer, credit cards, debit cards, and even your digital currency wallet to transfer funds to your online trading account with ElitSolutions. 

  • How do I withdraw funds from my account?

Log in to your online trading account with ElitSolutions. After logging in, you will have to click on “withdrawal”. After that, you will have to choose the method of withdrawing funds and the amount that you want to withdraw. Based on the withdrawal method you choose, it can take anywhere from a couple of days to a week for your amount to get transferred into your bank account. 

  • Can I cancel a withdrawal?

Yes, you have the autonomy to cancel a withdrawal request any time you want. You can cancel your withdrawal request either from your online account or get in touch with our customer support to get help with that. 

  • Which currencies do you allow for depositing?

You can use USD and EUR for depositing funds in your account. In addition to that, we are now allowing you one of the latest methods of depositing funds in your account. This method will be of using your digital wallet for transferring your digital coins to your online trading account. At the moment, you can only use Bitcoin for depositing funds in your online trading account.  

  • How much is the initial deposit?

The initial deposit is only $500, which allows you to open a basic trading account with ElitSolutions. However, when you deposit funds in your account, you can deposit the minimum amount that’s associated with the method you are using for depositing. For example, when you use your credit card for funds transfer, you can deposit only $250 as the minimum amount. 

  • Can I upgrade from one account to another?

Sure, that’s what our online trading platform makes easy for all the traders. You don’t have to sign up with an account that does not suit you right now based on your experience. So, you can pick a basic account first. However, when you see you are growing as a trader, you can continue to move to the more advanced accounts.  

  • What is leverage?

Leverage is the contribution through which we help you enter big trades. When you are a new trader, you can’t afford to execute certain trades because of their sizes. However, ElitSolutions gives you large leverages on your trades, which amplify your profits and increase your trade size.  

  • What is margin requirement?

Margin requirement refers to the required amount of money that you have to have in your account before you pull off a trade. This is the minimum account, which the broker wants you to have in your account so if you end up with a loss, you have enough funds in your account to cover that loss. 

  • Are you a registered business?

Yes, we are a registered business. We believe in doing business professionally. We are not just a website with some random information for you. ElitSolutions is a registered business with proper documentation and registration proof. 

  • Why do you need pictures of my information and credit card?

We adhere to the KYC and AML policies, which are pretty much the standard of the online world when it comes to depositing funds in your account or investing money in any venture. We want to make sure that you are using information on the website that really belongs to you. If there is someone else who has stolen your information from the internet somewhere and is trying to use that information for trading, they won’t be able to sign up with us when we ask them to send us a picture of them holding the credit/debit card. 

  • Do you encrypt my information?

Yes, if you look at our website address, you will notice the famous HTTPS address. You have to look at the S at the end of HTTPS, because that’s what serves as proof that we are encrypting your information as soon as you provide it to us on our website. Every piece of data you enter on the website is properly encrypted for your safety. 

  • Can I cancel and close my trading account? 

Sure, if you are not happy with our services, you can cancel and close your account. However, we highly appreciate you getting in touch with us and letting us know what you did not like about our service. We will be more than happy to have you back on board.  

Let us know when you need help with anything related to trading or your trading account with us. Whether you want to learn more about our trading platform or ask questions specific to deposits and withdrawals, our customer support agents are there to help you. You can call us, email us, or get in touch with us through the live chat support feature on the website. We are always waiting for you to get in touch with us so we can help you and make your trading experience with us great. 


Company details:
Terem Ok S.p ZOO
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