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In the terms and conditions, ElitSolutions will refer to itself as the company, we, us, our, the platform, and the website, for the convenience of understanding. By reading this page and with your use of our website, you agree that any of our services, tools, platforms, etc. that you use, you will use with an understanding of these terms and conditions. Our services may include but are not limited to the website, mobile application, desktop application, indicators, trading tools, third-party apps, third-party services, trading platform, etc. 

These terms and conditions are updated by the company with the passage of time without the requirement of sending you a notification or notice prior to those changes. At the time of signing up for other services with ElitSolutions you may have signed other agreements. Those agreements will not be considered cancelled or ineffective due to these terms and conditions, instead, the policies on this page are only a supplement to those agreements. 

 Using Website Responsibly and Sharing of Information

As a user of the website, you have the responsibility to take care of and know all your local and regional laws pertaining to the services provided by ElitSolutions. In certain regions and countries of the world, trading CFDs and other assets might not be considered legal and lawful. You should not use our services if you belong to those regions nor should you convince others residing in those regions to use our services. The use of VPN or any other masking services for accessing our website is the user’s sole responsibility. 

Advisement on Professional Level

All the information that you read on the website or is conveyed to you through any of ElitSolutions’ services is for your help as a trader. You are asked and encouraged to now take any piece of this information as professional advice or consultation. 

Intellectual Copyrighting 

ElitSolutions has copyright every piece of data that you find on the website in video, visual, auditory, text-only or any other format. You are requested to lawfully abide by and respect the intellectual rights of the company in the use of these materials and elements. Firstly, you will not use this data without permission for any commercial or promotional work. Secondly, you will find a way to tell your users that the information you have used on your website, application, service, etc. has been taken from us through a URL, source link, credit, declaration, etc. 

Access of Information 

If you reside in a region where we do not provide our services, we hold the right to completely block the information or only make it partially available to you. 

Third Party Data

When using ElitSolutions services, you will, at times, land on applications, URLs, or pieces of data that do not directly belong to ElitSolutions. These services and applications are provided to ElitSolutions by third parties, and eventually, our traders are the ones who benefit from them. All of the third-party services and data are for enhancing your trading experience and solely for that purpose, nothing more. 

You will not hold us or our affiliated third parties accountable if you find any discrepancies in the information provided. ElitSolutions and its affiliated third parties put in their best efforts for the accuracy of data provided on the website. However, with the passage of time, changing of policies, arrival of new standards, etc. all of this data can become obsolete, outdated, or inaccurate. Use this data only at your own discretion. 

If using this data or information results in financial or other types of damages, you are giving your agreement through these terms and conditions that you will not hold third-parties of ElitSolutions or us responsible. 

Links from Third Parties 

To help you with your trades, give you access to various trading tools, and facilitate you as a trader, we may use third party links on our trading platform, website, or any other services with a user-interface. Your use of those links and information contained within is solely at your discretion, with no intent or right to hold us or third parties responsible. 

Voiding the Warranties

Through these terms and conditions, you reach a mutual understanding that our services are not accompanied by warranties. Any warranties that promise certain results, the avoidance of certain consequences, protection from certain damages, etc. will not be considered legal or an agreement. By reading these terms and conditions, you agree to void any such warranties, even if they are present. 


Consequences resulting from the use of our services, applications, platforms, information, data, etc. are not under our control. When you use any part of our services, you agree that your violation to our rules, terms and conditions or any damages that result from use of our services will not give you the right to hold us responsible for any legal or financial damages. 

Liability of ElitSolutions

As stated earlier in the terms and conditions, the provision of information through the platform of this website serves the sole purpose of information, convenience, and facilitation for traders and partners. Any damages or unpleasant consequences that you may encounter from the use of our website, platform, application, services, information, etc. will not be our responsibility, and you give your consent to that by using our website. 

Protection of Passwords and Data

ElitSolutions can help you recover and set passwords, but you take the responsibility of their protection. You will not hold ElitSolutions responsible if someone else uses your data or password on the website to access your information and trading account. Once disseminated, all the private info and passwords from ElitSolutions will be accepted when entered on the website or application by you or someone else who may have obtained them from you. 

Risks and Their Understanding

Your use of this website and any other services associated with your relation with ElitSolutions, acts as your agreement that you have read and fully understand the extent of risk involved in trading or while using the services of ElitSolutions. 

End of Use

Upon discovery of policy violations or any activities that ElitSolutions deems unfit for its services or that bring you in the circle of suspicion can result in ElitSolutions blocking your access to the website and all ElitSolutions services, and sealing of your trading account with the company, temporarily or permanently.  

Thoroughly read and understand the content of the privacy policy, which governs the protection and use of your data by ElitSolutions and various other customer-privacy related matters. 

For convenience, in the upcoming privacy policy, ElitSolutions will refer to itself with its name, we, us, our, the company, the platform, the website, etc. 

The information provided by our customers is valuable to us and its protection is mandatory through a variety of security means and protocols. Before you sign up with ElitSolutions, know what information you will have to provide in order to be eligible to trade with us. 

Your trading account requires you to deposit funds with us and the withdrawal of the same funds when you make profits. We can only do that after you have disclosed certain pieces of information to us. The information that makes you eligible to sign up with us includes your personal identification number, your utility bills, your bank account details, and the images of these documents for proof. 

We can receive this information from you through a variety of means, including but not limited to emails, phone, web forms, etc. ElitSolutions might not obtain this information all at once, instead obtain only what’s needed with the passage of time and as you cover the trader’s journey. 

ElitSolutions can also use cookies, which are files that help us identify you when you visit our website again. The placement of cookies on your computer helps us enhance and personalize your experience on our website. You can, however, opt out of this particular option if you want. 

Certain affiliates and partners help ElitSolutions provide its trading services in completion. This mutual sharing of services compels us to share your personal information with these partners and affiliates. In addition to that, law enforcement agencies and governments, for the sake of legal actions, can obtain your information from our database after permission from us. 

Due to the ways internet works, our best security efforts cannot guarantee 100% that your information will not be leaked. We will do our best to protect your data but in the case of privacy and database breaches through threatening and stealthy means, we will not be held accountable for any damage that is caused to you due to the stealing of your information. 

When you change your address, bank account, or any other personal piece of data, you have to inform us as soon as possible. You have to notify us in a timely manner also when you want certain piece of data removed from your profile with us. Even after you have requested to remove the data from our databases and records, certain elements will stay intact due to legal requirements. 

You can always stop us from placing cookies on your computer. Since they are meant to personalized your experience on our website, stopping us from placing them on your computer can affect the level of services we provide you with or intent to provide you with. 

Using Mobile Application and Associated Privacy Terms 

To use our mobile application, you will have to download it on your device, and the policies given under control and govern your use of the mobile application and our rights in terms of access to your information. 

A unique app identifier is what ElitSolutions will use when you download and install the application on your device for obtaining information about the device. This helps us gather data about mobile devices, the performance of our application on these devices, and the identification of errors and bugs on certain devices. 

The removal of the unique app identifier will occur only when you decide to and uninstall the application completely from your device. 

Please take a look at the types of access that ElitSolutions will require when you download and install the company’s mobile application. 

  • Certain functionality aspects that give our application the control to run in the background
  • Your images and pictures or the specified folder by the operating system for images for allowing you to upload images to our application
  • The mic on the phone 
  • The storage of the phone for storing information, cookies, unique identifier, and other files and photos on your device
  • Internet connectivity

The extent of data accessed by our mobile application can completely rely on the operating system you are using. Certain operating systems can limit certain accessibility settings of the applications. 

We encourage that you allow the application to gain all the accesses for the purpose of enhanced user experience. Not allowing certain aspects of accessibility to the application may result in limited functionality or problems later on. 

If you are not satisfied with the application or want to retrieve all the permissions you have given, you can uninstall the application from your device. 

How you use the application on your phone or tablet creates certain logs that we may gather time to time for improving our services for you. However, you can rest assured that none of the pieces of data obtained for this purpose contain anything that may identify you. 

If you don’t agree to our privacy policy, you will not be able to use the application. Or if you already have the application on your device and you are just reading the terms of privacy, you should uninstall the application as soon as possible.  

As ElitSolutions evolves and further strengthens its privacy and protection measures, more changes will be brought with time to the privacy policy. This means we’ll continue to add, subtract, edit, modify, etc. our privacy policy without any prior notice necessary. 

ElitSolutions has always aimed at making things easy for its traders. When it comes to opening an online trading account, we believe that the first thing a trader needs is peace of mind. You can’t really enjoy peace of mind, and as a result trading, if you are not comfortable with depositing your money in your trading account. For this reason, we have made our banking setup very professional, reliable, and most importantly, easy to understand. This means you will instantly know how you can deposit and withdraw funds. Furthermore, you will only be using methods that are mostly renowned and trusted all around the world. 


Here are the steps that you will have to follow to deposit funds in your account. 

  • Log in to your online trading account with ElitSolutions. 
  • From the dashboard, choose the “deposit funds” option. 
  • Choose the method of depositing funds on the page that appears on your screen next. 
  • Fill out the details that are you required to provide for the method you have chosen. 
  • Enter the amount that you want to deposit and press “submit”, and you are done. 

Here are the methods that you can use for depositing funds in your account once you sign up with ElitSolutions.

  • Credit/Debit Cards

These are your personal cards that have been issued to you by your bank. You can use your Visa or Mastercard debit and credit cards for funding your online trading account. 

Payment Method: Debit/Credit Card

Minimum Deposit: $250

Transfer Time: Immediately

Fees: ElitSolutions does not charge you any fees on your credit or debit card transactions. However, you may have to take into any payments, service charges, or commissions that the banking is charging you on such transactions. 

  • Bank Wire Transfer

You can instruct your bank to transfer funds right into the ElitSolutions banking account. Make sure you provide only the most accurate details when using this method. 

Payment Method: Bank Wire Transfer

Minimum Deposit: $500

Transfer Time: Up to 3 to 5 working days

Fees: ElitSolutions does not charge you any commissions or service charges on your bank wire transfers. However, since you are using the services of your bank for transferring the funds, you may incur some fees or service charges levied by your bank. 

  • Wallet Transfer 

Modern times require traders to use modern methods for depositing funds in their online trading accounts. To help you step up with the rest of the world, we have provided you with the option of depositing funds in your account through a wallet transfer. 

Payment Method: Wallet Transfer

Minimum Deposit: Not applicable

Transfer Time: Immediate

Fees:  You will not have to pay any commissions or service charges from ElitSolutions. However, when transferring funds from your digital wallet to your online account, you may incur certain blockchain fees. Please know about them before you use this method. 


It’s an easy process that you have to follow to withdraw funds from your online trading account. Let’s look at the steps involved in this process. 

    • Log in to your online trading account with ElitSolutions. 
    • Use the “Withdraw Funds” option from your dashboard. 
    • Click on the method that you want to use for withdrawing funds. 
    • Type out the amount that you want to withdraw. 
    • Fill out the details that you are required to provide while withdrawing funds from your trading account. 
    • Submit the request and wait for the processing time to be completed. 
  • Credit/Debit Cards

If you have used credit or debit card for depositing funds in your account, you will have to use the same method for collecting your funds as well. This is in adherence to the AML policy and every trader has to follow it for their own safety. 

Withdrawal Method: Credit/Debit Cards

Minimum Withdrawal: $100

Transfer Time: Immediate

Fees: ElitSolutions will not charge you anything for your first withdrawal of any month. After the first withdrawal, there will be a transaction fee. Keep in mind that this fee will be separate from the fee charged by your bank on your transactions. 

  • Bank Wire Transfer

Once again, you have to use this method to withdraw funds if you used the same method to deposit funds in your account. We have to follow this policy to ensure the safety of our traders and their money. Bank wire transfer is relatively slower but a very secure method of money transfer. 

Withdrawal Method: Bank Wire Transfer

Minimum Withdrawal: $250

Transfer Time: 3 to 5 working days

Fees: The first withdrawal you make in any month is completely free of charge as a way of making things convenient for traders by ElitSolutions. The second and any subsequent withdrawals will incur a small fee in addition to whatever your bank charges you for the transfer.  

Chat with us or call us at [insert phone number] to know more about banking options and the security measures we take for you.

For the protection of our traders and to keep our online trading platform as transparent for them as possible, we continue to make efforts and fortify our system. The adherence to the KYC and AML policies is one such proof of our dedication to protecting the interests of our traders. 

KYC Policy

KYC stands for Know Your Customers. To adhere to this policy, we have to ask you and all of our traders to submit certain pieces of your personal data. This personal data may include your personal identification number that you have been issued by your government. In addition to that, you will have to submit the scanned copies of your utility bills for us to confirm your physical address. Keep in mind that all of this information will be sent in the form of images for us to see. Use [insert email address] to send your documents to us. 

AML Policy

AML stands for anti-money laundering. This policy is all about preventing people from using our online trading platform for money laundering purposes. We require you to use only the account that has your exact name on it. You cannot use someone else’s bank account for signing up with us. Secondly, we require you to submit the pictures of your banking statement or the pictures of your debit or credit cards that you are reading the information from. Lastly, you have to stick to the same method for depositing and withdrawing funds. Send your details to [insert email].