Top markets
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Top markets

Forex remains not one of the, but the biggest financial market in the world, and that has been the case for many years. Trillions of dollars are traded in this market on a monthly basis. Even the stock market looks small compared to the forex market. For this reason, people are always quick to jump into this type of trading and trade currency pairs. Before you become a part of this financial market, you have to get some basic understanding of it. After that, you can click here to look at the forex currency pairs that you can trade after signing up with ElitSolutions. 

Basics of Forex 

Short for Foreign Exchange, this market is all about exchanging one currency for another. You buy one currency by selling one or sell one to buy one. In either case, you are letting go of one currency and putting one in your account. What you want to do is to play around with the exchange rates. There are several factors that continue to affect the value of a country’s currency. With that in mind, you have to look at those factors, do some math, perform some analytical processes, and then forecast which currency will appreciate and which will depreciate. 

Based on your analytical calculations and other pieces of knowledge, you buy a currency or sell it in the market. When you buy the currency, you want it to increase in value with the course of time. This will allow you to sell the same currency at a higher price at a later time. When you sell the currency, you expect for its price to go down. This way, you buy back the currency after some days at a lower price than you sold it for. 

Why Trade Forex

There are many reasons you should consider trading forex currency pairs. Let’s take a look at a few. 

  • Relatively Easier to Understand

There are many different types of instruments that you can trade today to become a trader. As harsh as it may sound, there are some assets that a lot of traders do not know about. For example, many new traders don’t have a full understanding of what bonds, ETFs, or indices are. Before they can even trade these assets, they have to understand their concepts first. Even then, you can’t be sure if they understand the concept really well. On the other hand, the concept of forex currencies is not hard to understand. 

You know what currency or money is and you know how to trade it. There is nothing really to understand when you trade currency pairs. You just want to be sure that you predict the price movements correctly and benefit from that. 

  • Biggest Financial Market 

Certainly remains one of the most sought after feature of any online market. When you trade in a market, you want a level of certainty, which shows you that you can make such and such amount in profits. Some of the new and some conventional financial markets are not really great at offering certainty to their traders. On the other hand, you have forex as the biggest financial market of the world. 

It is such an active market that even when it closes in your country, you have people trading forex in other countries. In a way, you can trade forex currency pairs at just about any time of the day or night using a trading platform. 

  • Volatile and Stable

Forex market has currencies from nearly all the countries of the world. This means you can find volatile and stable currencies when you are in this market. At times, you want to use some volatility to make huge gains on your trades. At other times, you just want to minimize your risks by trading a safe currency pair. That’s what makes this market so desirable. When you are a trader in this market, you can choose to go with the type of currency pair that suits your trading style. 

Why Trade Forex with ElitSolutions

At ElitSolutions, we make forex trading completely different and special for you. Please have a look at why you should consider trading forex currency pairs with us. 

  • Lots of Currency Pairs 

We give you access to the forex market like no other online trading platform. Just because you are trading in one market does not mean you should not be able to diversify your portfolio. With us, you will be able to do that with ease. You will be able to trade minor, major, and even exotic currency pairs that are usually not available with other brokers. So, whether you want to trade volatile pairs or stable ones, that’s totally up to you when you sign up with us because you have a great choice. 

  • Huge Leverages 

Some currency pairs are so stable that making any profits on them can be a huge challenge. They move so little on the price charts that the profits are small. Becoming a professional trader and making lots of money trading these currency pairs can be nearly impossible. That’s where you need leverages. We give you the leverages you deserve and allow you to trade big on any forex currency pairs. Amplify your profits and cover your trading journey with leaps, not small steps. 

  • Tight Spreads

One of the barriers that stop you from trading in the forex market can be the spreads. Spreads means the price difference between the price of the broker and the one you are getting in the open market. This difference allows online brokers to make money and keep their operations running. However, it is in favor of online traders when the spreads are tight so they can eventually walk away with a larger portion of the profit. When you sign up with ElitSolutions, you will enjoy the most competitive spreads on just about any currency pair you choose, allowing you to earn big profits on your trades every time. 

Enjoy trading dozens of currency pairs with big leverages when you sign up with ElitSolutions today. Click here to see the list of our forex currency pairs.

With so many options available naturally for traders, ElitSolutions does not want to put a limit on how they trade, what they trade, and to what extent they can trade. At ElitSolutions, we are all about giving you access to the best financial markets out there so you can pick the assets that you think are best for your trading style. Among many other instruments that traders can use today for trading there are CFDs. CFDs provide modern traders with a great way to trade in many financial markets. Let’s understand the basic concept and then look into why you should consider it. 

Basics of CFD Trading

The first thing that you have to know about CFDs is that they are not assets per se. When you trade stocks, commodities, etc. you are trading assets. You in those respective markets and you own the asset when you purchase it. However, CFDs, the term, stands for Contracts for Difference. When you trade these contracts, you are only trading the contract that has an agreement tied to it. This agreement is between you and another party (often your broker) that if the price of the asset moves in a certain direction, you will be paid for that price difference. If your prediction is correct, you make the money from your trade.

The most important thing to notice here is that you can make money no matter which direction the price of the asset moves. If your prediction is correct, you make profits off your trade. Another thing to notice here is that you don’t own the asset, so you are not obligated to sell it to someone or buy it from someone if you are selling first and buying later. CFD trading is very famous because of the leverages that you can enjoy with your trades and small margin requirements that usually come from the best brokers, like ElitSolutions.

Why Trade CFDs

Here are some reasons you should considering trading CFDs, especially on our trading platform that we have designed specifically to meet your needs. 

  • Many Financial Markets in Your Access

The best thing about trading CFDs is that you will have access to a variety of financial markets. When you enter other financial markets, you can only trade those assets. For example, in the stocks market, you cannot trade anything other than stocks. That’s not the case when you sign up with us and trade CFDs. With CFDs, you can trade stocks, commodities, indices, and much more. You can diversify your portfolio the way you want. What makes your CFD trading experience even better is that you can trade all of these assets from the same platform.

  • Availability of Leverages

One of the things that have made new traders love this type of trading is the availability of leverages. Leverages are given to you by your brokers. In our case, we can leverage your trades for you so you can enter the traders that are otherwise not possible with the amount you have you in your account. You will be glad to know that we provide you with leverage as huge as 1:100. At the same time, our margin requirements are small enough to keep you comfortable while trading this big. 

  • Trade in Any Direction

When you trade CFDs, you are actually predicting in which direction the asset will move in the future. Now, you can make a prediction in the upward or downward direction based on your analysis. The beauty of this type of trading is that you can make money no matter which direction the asset will move in. If you think the asset will move in upward direction, you can buy your contracts today and sell them tomorrow for a higher price. If you think the price will go down, you can sell your assets today and buy them back tomorrow for a lower price. 

  • No Obligation of Owning the Asset

In other financial markets, when you buy an asset, you own that asset. If you are not able to sell that asset in the market, you will have to carry the burden of its ownership. On the other hand, when you trade CFDs, you only have contract in your ownership. This contract only governs the agreement between you and the other party that you will be paid a certain amount when the underlying asset reaches the specified price point. In no way do you own the asset or have to carry its burden on your shoulders. 

Open your first trading account today with ElitSolutions, and enjoy the best of online CFD trading on a great trading platform.

Indices provide you with a very unique instrument of trading that is completely different from forex currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, or even commodities. When you look at indices, you are not looking at a particular asset in general. There is much more that is going on within indices. Trading these assets can help you know the overall dynamics of the market. Indices have been around for many years and they remain a reliable source of income for hundreds and thousands of traders from around the world. At ElitSolutions, you can trade indices from a variety of financial markets of the world. Let’s help you know more about them. 

Indices – The Basics

So, to understand indices, you first have to wrap your head around the concept of stocks. Stocks are shares that provide you with a small portion of share in a company’s equity. When you buy stocks, you own a very small part of the equity of that company. It won’t be wrong to say that you are one of the many owners of that company, even if you own a very small portion. Now, if you want to trade the stocks of many different companies, you have two ways to do that. You can buy the stocks of all the companies that you want to trade the stocks of. Or, another way to do that is through the purchase and sale of indices. 

Here, indices will allow you to trade the stocks from many different companies within a single instrument called indices. So, when you invest in indices, you are investing in bucket stocks i.e. stocks from many different companies. Now, the important part is that the companies within the same indices will belong to the same industry or sector. There are certain companies that list these companies and track their performances at all times. 

Why Trade Indices 

Different traders can have different reasons for trading indices. Here are some important reasons you should consider this route too.

  • Easy to Track

If you are interested in trading stocks, you can do that with ease. There is nothing wrong with that. However, as soon as you start diversifying your portfolio by trading the stocks of many different companies, it will become difficult for you to manage and keep track of those assets. On the other hand, when you trade indices, you can keep track of one indicator that shows you the overall performance of many different stocks in the market. The value of indices indicates the overall performance of the companies rather than just one company. 

In other words, you can say that since these assets are like blanket assets, they don’t go down as soon as separate stocks can. If you invest in one company and it goes down, you will lose all your money. On the other hand, if you invest in the same company through indices, this company might go down but the rise of other companies will cancel the effect and you will not lose your investment just like that. 

  • More Stable than Stocks 

This particular reason is quite similar to the one above. However, it is a different angle to see things. So, when you trade stocks separately, you are investing in volatile assets. When a company does not perform well, the stocks start to go down. In today’s world, a stupid or biased tweet from the owner or founders of the company can result in the company’s value going down. However, that’s not the case with indices. When you trade indices, you are not really investing in one company. You are investing in many companies and their collective prices don’t move as fast as the value of single stocks move. 

  • Entry to Many Financial Markets 

As stated earlier, indices are more like a collective indicator of the performance of the companies within the same industry or sector. Now, there are many different sectors and these companies may come from many different countries. You have certain indices that belong to only certain regions because they are tracking the performance of the companies within those countries. 

For example, you have FTSE 20 and FTSE 100 that belong to the UK. Even the indices like Stoxx Europe 50 and Stoxx Europe 600 belong to the UK, as you can already tell from the name. On the other hand, some of the famous indices from the US include names, such as, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, S&P 500, etc. This means, you can enter many different financial markets by investing in indices. With us, you will get access to all the famous indices that come from many regions of the world, allowing you to have a diversified portfolio of trading even if you trade only indices. 

Sign up with us today and trade many indices from around the world with big leverages and perfect trading conditions.

This is the latest financial market that has been catching the world by storm. While it is a new market, you can see that it has spent a fairly good time on the charts by now. Bitcoin was the first digital currency that was based on the blockchain technology. Since then, more and more cryptocurrencies have been emerging on the scene with the passage of time, leading to more than 4000 digital currencies in the world today. Many believe that crypto coins are going to rule the economy of the world in the coming times. They might not be wrong, if you look at the current trends. 

Cryptocurrencies – The Basics 

Cryptocurrencies, also known as crypto coins, digital currencies, or digital coins, are digitally mined currencies that people can use for exchanging value among them. Digital currencies are mined and produced on a decentralized network where no particular entity controls them. The miners of the digital currencies have to use extensive computing resources to solve difficult riddles to generate more units of these currencies. If they are successful at solving these algorithmic puzzles, they make money. The ledger that keeps the records of every cryptocurrency transaction is maintained on all the computers that are connected to the network. 

Digital currencies are of many types, especially including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Monero, Ripple, etc. These digital currencies are valued very high i.e. you have to spend thousands of dollars to get access to only one Bitcoin. You can trade these digital coins on exchanges, which are not very reliable, or with brokers like us with leverages on your trades. We offer you a long list of digital currencies that you can trade once you are on our trading platform. We leverage your trades, provide you with advanced charts, and help you in every way to trade digital currencies successfully. 

Why Trade Cryptocurrencies 

This is a hot question around the world today because millions of people are thinking about trading digital currencies, but they have not finalized their decisions. Here are some reasons you should trade cryptocurrencies. 

  • Highly Valued

One of the reasons you want to trade digital currencies is because they are valued very high. You can only expect their value to grow further. You have Bitcoin valued at more than $50,000. Yes. This means you will need more than $50,000 in your pocket to get only one Bitcoin. Such huge value shows that these digital coins are proving with time that people trust them. It is not far-fetched to believe that investing a few thousand dollars in these assets could prove to be extremely lucrative in the future and make you a millionaire. This has happened to a lot of people already. 

  • Big Investors Back Them

People always complained that cryptocurrencies were not going to survive because they thought no one was backing them. Most of the investors in digital currencies are people who don’t own a lot of money. They are not rich people and that’s the reason they were always looking for some heavy-weights of the world to step in and back digital currencies. That has already started to happen with Elon Musk constantly favoring and supporting digital currencies in his recent tweets. In fact, his company even accepts Bitcoin. 

At the same time, you have Mark Cuban endorsing, using, and promoting the use of digital currencies. With such big names in the world of business and investment, people have started to put their trust in digital currencies and they now want to trade them as soon as possible. 

  • Leverages Digital Coin Trading 

Yes, it is true that these digital currencies are valued very high. You already know that by looking at the value of Bitcoin. However, this has made brokers offer very small leverages on the trading of these assets. If you think carefully, you will realize that they have done the right thing. An asset that is valued extremely high and is just as volatile is extremely difficult to leverage. In fact, as a trader, you can end up losing a lot of or all of your money when you trade such highly valued assets with leverages. However, ElitSolutions has still done its best to offer you with some great leverages on your cryptocurrency trading. 

Enjoy leverages cryptocurrency trading on a high-end trading platform to invest in your trading future with ElitSolutions.

Commodity trading has been around for many decades, and it remains one of the most popular methods of trading in the world. You could say that a big reason behind its popularity is that commodities are very easy to understand. Perhaps, you don’t know what commodities are, but you have definitely used them in your life. When you are in the trading world, you can trade them, use leverages on them, and make a lot of money trading them successfully. Once you are with ElitSolutions, you will have access to some great trading conditions, in which commodity trading will become more fun and lucrative than ever for you. 

Commodity Trading – The Basics 

It won’t be wrong to say here that commodities make up one of the most unique class of assets among many others. Another thing you will love about trading commodities is that you will usually find them on a variety of platforms. Trading them is pretty common even if the new traders are not fully sure what is included in this class. If you are here, ElitSolutions will help you trade the best ones out there. The amazing thing about commodities is that they contain a variety of types of assets. In other financial markets, the assets are of pretty similar nature, but that’s not the case in this market. 

When you trade commodities, you could be trading fresh produce, which includes but is not limited to cocoa beans, coffee beans, wheat, fresh orange juice, sugar, etc. On the other hand, you will also find energies in this category, so if you are looking to trade gas or oil, you don’t have to go anywhere. Last but not least, this particular class also includes the precious metals of the world. As a result, when you trade commodities, you have access to platinum, silver, gold, and many other precious metals as well. At ElitSolutions, we provide you with great leverages and dozens over dozens of different commodities for you to trade. 

Why Trade Commodities 

If you are over the fence as to whether you should trade commodities or not, you should continue reading because our insight will help you make up your mind with ease. 

  • Diversified Types of Assets

Now, if you look at the list of assets that are included under commodities or stocks, you will notice that stocks are many. The number of stocks outnumbers commodities by a great margin because there are hundreds and thousands of companies whose stocks you can trade with us. However, what makes commodities interesting is that you can trade a variety of assets rather than trading only one kind. So, whether you are interested in trading energies, precious metals, or just some fresh produce, commodities are the category that you should be looking to join. 

  • Very Easily Understood

If you talk about assets that you can easily understand, commodities and forex currency pairs make it to the top of the list. Currency pairs are currencies, which is what you are always using in your daily life to buy things. At the same time, when you talk about commodities, you are referring to coffee beans, wheat, silver, gold, platinum, oil, gas, etc. which are the things that you come across every single day of your life. When you step into this market, you don’t really have to familiarize yourself with something new. 

What you are going to trade is something that you have been familiar with for many years. This makes trading commodities a very attractive prospect for traders from around the world. They can trade something that does not require them to learn complex terminologies and other things. 

  • Volatile and Stable at the Same Time

The best financial markets are the ones that can offer you both sides of the spectrum. You don’t want to be a part of the market that is always volatile. Some people would call cryptocurrency volatile, and they are right to some extent. On the other hand, when you talk about forex currency pairs, the major currency pairs that most of the people trade are very stable. In other words, making huge profits on those pairs is extremely difficult. In contrast to that, you have commodities that offer you all the different types of assets. If you want something volatile, you can go for fresh produce.

 If you want something stable, you should consider trading gold.  In between these commodities, you have many others that can satisfy your varying trading needs and styles. 

  • Leveraged Trading

When you trade cryptocurrencies, which are the newest assets you can trade in the world, you will realize a huge challenge. This challenge is the leverage that you usually get when trading cryptocurrencies. These assets are valued so high that offering huge leverages can prove to be counterproductive for traders. This is why, they get very small leverages on their cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, if you go with commodities, you will get some huge leverages that will allow you to make a lot of money in little time if you are successful with your venture. 

Get access to precious metals, energies, and other commodities from a high-tech trading platform by signing up with ElitSolutions today.

At ElitSolutions, we bring you the biggest and the best tradable assets from the most renowned financial markets of the world. Our trading platform is designed to handle many different asset types and provides you with all the latest tools, charts, and graphs that you require while trading these assets. You can trust us for providing you with trustable trading services regardless of the market and asset you choose. So, go ahead and take a look at the cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, forex currency pairs, and other assets that we have to offer you for trading on our trading platform. 

List of Assets